Most of your questions should be answered below, but if you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to call us at (408) 846-5452.

We design, handcraft and finish cabinetry.

Yes, all initial consultations are free.

Yes, we do offer a design consultation to help with decisions resulting in a CAD drawing to help you visualize the end result.

Yes, CAD drawings are provided on all projects.

Although all jobs vary, the typical lead time is 6-8 weeks from sign off on CAD drawings until delivery of finished product.

Some lower quality box store competitors try to sell you what is referred to as a “Baked on Finish”. Although this sounds bullet proof, it can be dinged or dented just like any other cabinet finish. The question is…who’s going to repair that finish for you when it gets dinged? Someone from “out of state”?

LoNardo’s Woodworking offers a high-quality Conversion Varnish finish known for its durability and water-resistant qualities. And what makes us different is we are also available for future touch ups and maintenance to keep your kitchen looking like new.

For Stain and Stain Glaze finishes we use a clear conversion varnish (CV) top coat which is far more durable than the standard Pre-Cat Lacquers that are used by most contractors. CV has excellent clarity that shows the grain of the wood, so your cabinets don't have that plastic look. It has a resistance to impacts, water, chemicals and most abrasions.

*We do offer Pre-Cat Lacquers for our budget conscious clients but cannot offer the sample durability as the ACV.

Painted finishes use Pigmented Conversion Varnish (PCV) which resists yellowing. It is also resistant to abrasions, water, chemicals and impact. It is far more durable than regular enamel or lacquer. We can match any color from any standard paint chip.

Yes. Our finishers are skilled in their craft. Just bring in your sample and we will work with our team to achieve a match.

Our cabinets are easy to maintain. Generally using mild soap and water will do the trick. Take care in not using large amounts of water in cleaning, as the excess water could get between the panel and the doorframe and compromise the integrity of the door.
Since most of our finishes are chemical resistant you can use Windex, 409, Fantastic, Dirtex or similar cleaners. Do not let strong oxidant cleaners, like oven cleaners to remain on the cabinet surfaces. Also, stay away from waxes and oils. These products won't hurt the finish, but they don't penetrate the finish like they are meant to, thus leaving and uneven sheen on your cabinets that diminish the look of the finish.

Some stain finishes can be easily touched up with a stain pen. Paint finishes can be touched up with any matching latex paint if the area is small. If the damage is more severe feel free to give us a call. We can assess and then assist with the touch up.

Conversion Varnish and Tinted Conversion Varnish finishes are resistant to yellowing. Yellowing finish is a problem with oil based paints and nitrocellulose lacquers (used by most painters). Some clear finishes can fade and turn yellow with age, depending on the wood species such as Alder (which looks beautiful new, but can fade and turn yellowish with age). It is highly recommended that you use stain control colorfastness. Our expert finishers can help you choose the right finish for your job.

Because we are primarily a cabinet manufacturing company, we do not finish cabinets onsite aside of basic touch up and maintenance. We are happy to make recommendations if your project requires some help with this service.

Although we specialize in cabinetry, we do make exceptions for clients. Our craftsmen are highly skilled and versatile to tackle any project. Feel free to view our specialty portfolio.

Yes we work with a variety of long term partners. For a complete list of our qualified Architects, Contractors, and Designers please call us at (408) 846-5452.